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G/F., 129 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Shamshuipo, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel:(852) 2393 9771;(86-755) 8457 2882
Fax:(852) 2393 9103;(86-755) 8457 2772
Contact Person:Ms. Rebecca Hung

Products / Services:
Agent of Japan DRY SOLVEE Spot Remover, Taiwan TENLUXE Ink Cleaner, USA JIFFY Garment Steamer, France WHITING DAVIS Reversible Stainless Steel Glove, Germany HOECHSTMASS Tape Measure, JAPAN ADGER CHAKO ACE Disappearing Marking Pen, Japan CROWN FOX Head Pins, Italy SOKO Steam Generator, Italy PREMAX Scissors, Germany METO Consecutive Numbering Machine, USA AVERY DENNISON Plastic Staple Attacher and tools.

PK170-Y72 气动升降式全自动烫画机(单上板发热)双手启动行程距离:30CM 220V/功率:2800w(工作台面积:400X400MM) PK170-Y4R高温乳胶垫(红色) 400mm x 400mm x 10mm (需厂方自配风泵1.5匹) 机器包装采用结实的木箱打包装
货号: PK170-Y72 【Related links


Ascolite 爱思科莱特BSS-MK15 ​​​​双头EcoSpeed 高速全自动锁纽脚机绕纽脚机-节能省钱250V/31W 5.5bar(80psi) **(需厂方自配风泵)**
货号: BSS-MK15T 【Related links


SOKO SG-126L 面料预缩机 布封2100
货号: SG-126L 【Related links

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