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[NOTICE] 3 March, 2015 ~ Social New Year Lunch


本會訂於 2015.3.3 (年十三) 在荔技角道/塘尾道: 金麗聲酒家午餐, 每會員一位免費, 歡迎報名參加!

Gold Beauty Star
Venue: 太子塘尾道197-199號好世界洋樓地下及2樓
Date: 2015/3/3 (年十三)
Tel: 2393 2188

*After having lunch, we will announce the schedule of March. They are 國興針車行 organized the Zhuhai tour (2015.3.14) and 迅通展覽公司 organized the Dongguan Exhibition – Having Lunch  in 嘉華國際酒店 (2015.3.26 ).

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